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Tonight I downloaded the new version of WordPress using the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin. That part of the process was a great experience because the plug-in automated the process of backing up core files, locating the most recent upgrade, and linking to the database upgrade script.  The only problem I ran into was a database error when trying to save a post, which was caused by the Google site map generator plug-in. After disabling that plug-in I was able to add new posts normally, but no tags displayed because my theme didn’t use the right function calls. So, next I upgraded my theme to the most recent version and tomorrow I’ll experiment with customizing how tags are displayed.

Next, I wanted to be able to use Windows Live Writer to create my posts and tags from one location so I downloaded a utility from Joe Cheng (a developer on the Windows Live Writer team) that enables this functionality. I should say that before downloading this utility I tried making some Windows registry tweaks without success.

What was your upgrade to WordPress 2.3 like?