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Last week I ran into a problem.  I have a computer that’s six months old and looking at my drive properties I discovered that I only have 40% free space left on a 200 GB hard drive.  After clicking through a maze of directories trying to identify where the largest space eaters were for about five minutes I decided to search for a better way.

WinDirStat ScreenshotEventually I discovered WinDirStat. It’s a free utility that scans your hard drive and represents files and folders graphically.  Each folder is represented by a rectangle with smaller rectangles inside it. Each rectangle drawn as one constant gradient represents a single file, and that makes it easy to identify which files and folders are taking up the most space.

WinDirStat allows you to click on each rectangle and zoom in further for more detail.  On the top pane it provides percentages for each file and folder, and there are also some color coding options.

Here’s to keeping your hard drive clean!