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Have you ever thought about an idea or heard something in the news that made you wonder how many people it would affect?  Or maybe you’re thinking about moving and would like to know a little bit about the people in your new home in comparison to where you live now. Home Page has lots of great information, but it takes a few clicks to find anything digestible. That’s where ZIPskinny steps in. On the first screen it asks for a ZIP code.  After that you’ll see a screen with lots of demographics alongside several graphs.  It’s a quick way to get a good feel for the makeup of any ZIP code in the database.

But it gets better. ZIPskinny then allows you to enter multiple ZIP codes and provides a side-by-side analysis of each area’s demographics.  For example in my area I found out that single people are much more common than I thought.  Keep in mind that this data is from the 2000 census.

Happy data mining!

There are two key components to any valuable web site: its content popularity and traffic. Design is also important, but I’ve visited many poorly designed sites that enjoy thousands of visitors every day so I won’t focus on that now. This article will focus primarily on content popularity.

Many of you are site owners or bloggers trying to build presence and authority. Let’s take a look at a couple of widely known web sites: and the home page of their wildly successful MMORG,

Below is a drill-down of statistics generated by for each site: (12 years old) (7 years old) statistics statistics

The Google PageRank, Alexa, Compete, and QuantCast ranks indicate that is the more popular site because each number in this area is lower for WoW. Interestingly, two of the three search engines indicate there are more backlinks to, perhaps because it’s had more time to attract link love. Then with the last three statistic Technorati, bookmarks, and Bloglines subscribers, WorldofWarcraft is the clear winner. What surprised me here is that has no Bloglines subscribers. Looks like an opportunity to advertise/create a company RSS feed!

World of Warcraft enjoys a gigantic userbase with over 6 million subscribers and clearly they’re linking back to the game site and finding its content very valuable. Both sites are popular but WoW has outpaced its parent, as children are wont to do :-}

dnScoop happens to agree with this analysis valuing at $8,932,000 and at $10,693,200 !

If you’re looking to buy or sell a house, sometimes it’s difficult to determine a fair price. Beyond that, it can be useful to understand market trends. For example if there are a lot of houses selling in a particular region it may be a signal to investigate.

Zillow That’s where Zillow comes in handy. The site immediately presents a couple of search boxes to identify what area you’re interested in. After that it generates a map showing homes that are for sale, recently sold, or make me move (for those with deeper pockets). There are also a variety of filtering options on a left nav bar and each property listed shows price and many provide pictures and detailed descriptions.

This is making some folks in the real estate business uncomfortable as one of their value drivers is providing the same statistical information Zillow now hands out freely.