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Part of being human is to seek interaction with other humans. Usually that means as we move through life we build relationships with a growing number of people. Maybe you use Microsoft’s Outlook or Google’s Gmail to organize your contact information, and maybe you have a separate set of contacts for your professional life and personal life. What happens then if for some reason you need to call a friend from work (maybe a new job opportunity, social event, or emergency)? On the flip side what if you need access to professional contacts when you’re away from the office to move a project or idea forward?

image With that sort of arrangement it’s difficult to pull information from the separated contact management systems. Meet Plaxo. They’re in the business of combining all of those contacts into one manageable interface that’s accessible anywhere.

Beyond that advantage, it acts as a social network that lets all of your contacts update their own information. That way you never lose touch with contacts — unless you choose to.

It also provides some nice features like easy searching, instant messaging, click to call, and integrated mapping.

If you’re looking for a better way to manage your contacts it’s worth checking out, and it’s free.

image Everyone has a topic they’re passionate about. Whether it’s talking about combating global warming or brewing a perfect latte, opinions can be difficult to share with larger groups and finding an interested audience is one way to make sizeable impacts.

Here’s a platform to make that easier. allows its members to post information about things they’d like to change and these are published publicly. There are also ratings of popular (or unpopular depending on who you ask) politicians and nonprofits, records of what actions members are taking, and a mechanism to donate toward causes.

Lots of people are talking about how the Internet is connecting presidential hopefuls more directly with their audiences and this is another great example of that same concept in action. provides a summary of what its online population is thinking and will only become more accurate as more people join the community.

There are three main ways that humans communicate with each other: the written word, visual cues, and speech. Social networks like MySpace and Facebook bring out two of those aspects (the written word and visual cues) but don’t do a great job of providing ways to send voicemail within the social networking framework.

Today I found a site focused on that niche, MySay. They allow users to call a Phone Keypad phone number and leave a voicemail which is then posted to a member page, broadcasted, or e-mailed to specific recipients. Right now their target audience seems to be circles of friends or celebrities with lots of fans, but I see lots of potential for business groups to keep in touch with this tool as well. Often it’s easier to send voicemail to coworkers explaining a situation but a common problem is that those voicemails are difficult to track and log. Did I remember to call that customer back?

MySay could become particularly useful if they implement a solution that transcribes voice into text like Jott does, but stick with their social networking roots. That way the posts would become searchable.

They just introduced a couple of new features, and I look forward to continued innovation in this space.