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Over the last several years, the Internet has shifted from a secondary spot to the prime place to post your resume and search for jobs. Though that may differ depending on the industry, overall it’s a transparent trend. That means it’s important to create a resume that includes keywords that potential employers are interested in.

Mktg Ladder Top 100 List That’s where MktgLadder can help. They provide a list of the top 100 words that recruiters are searching for on the web. Remember that though this is a great list to start with you need to actually have the experience to back it up and the context to place it. A random list of keywords added into a resume won’t get you anywhere, and it will only serve to irritate recruiters.

Good luck!

All sorts of people are looking for jobs, some for the first time, some because they’re looking for a more fulfilling role, or sometimes it’s because there was conflict and it’s time to move on. Whatever the case, it’s important to portray a professional image to potential employers on the self-marketing journey and here’s a service that can help.

Resolio provides a fast (and free) way for you to create an online resume that looksResume smooth. Right now they have lots of designs available with more appearing on a regular basis. Resolio has the ability to host your resume, or you can embed it in another web site.

If Resolio continues to create new designs with unique looks and feels, this has the potential to move forward into an infrastructure service that other job search sites plug into. As with many new Web2.0 startups it will depend on how well they’re able to get the word out and how many exclusive capabilities their webware wields.

If you’re looking for a job this is a great tool to check out.

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