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Today I discovered something pretty exciting, it’s a company that provides free conference calling. runs with a prevalent business practice on the web, providing a free service that will hopefully persuade users to upgrade with additional for-pay features. Nonetheless their free conference calling is a great way to connect with a lot of people quickly and easily, without the investment. When testing the system, the only advertisement I noticed is an opening statement indicating that is hosting the call. I was also surprised to learn that they support conference call recordings, and you can download the recording in .wav format.

It looks like some users were abusing the system because they require everyone to reregister every 120 days. If you’d rather have a 1-800 number they also support that for a fee.

If you’re looking a way to connect with a lot of business contacts or friends at once, this is it.

Workdays can get long, and the human brain works better when it’s able to meander. Here’s a great way to pull your mind away from those deep thoughts for a little while: Sudokular is offering free Sudoku online in a slick flash interface.

I enjoyed a couple of their “quick games” this afternoon. If you’d like to compete with your peers during the daily challenge, sign up for an account. They even support OpenID, which is a “decentralized, free framework for user-centric digital identity”. Too many usernames and passwords anyone? OpenID is an initiative to fix that.

See? Just talking about Sudoku led to another interesting tangent. Sudokular sports a slate and pointed design without unnecessary frills. It’s a fun game, and the interface is a pleasure to use.

This is a great way to slide in a few minutes of down time and launch into the next part of the day refreshed.

Sudokular home page.

At some point every business needs to gather information from its customers or employees by asking them to fill out a form. Whether it’s a sign-up form for benefits or a survey on the latest business expo, that information can be critical in making decisions that align with strategic goals.

But there’s a problem. The company that created Acrobat and the PDF standard, Adobe, restricts who is able to save form data when using the free Acrobat Reader. As a compromise, the 8.0 release of Acrobat Professional provides an option for allowing Acrobat Reader users to save form data. However, the terms of use restrict this functionality to 500 users. It’s unclear whether that means 500 users per license of Acrobat Professional or if that means a 500 person limit for each form created. Still, for smaller data gathering this is a good solution if you want to buy or upgrade to Acrobat Professional 8.

A free solution is to use PDFescape, a product by CTdeveloping. To use PDFescape (1) upload a PDF file, (2) insert their generated JavaScript code into your web page. They also offer a more powerful solution that enables features like adding hyperlinks, and installation on your own server.