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Anyone who works in the world of updating web sites and coordinating changes between stakeholders is familiar with the need to document change requests. As Web Worker Daily points out, there’s a new tool called Taskee that organizes this communication back and forth with the addition of a few lines of code.

After installing the code on any given page,Open Button an Open button will appear at the top. When a person on the project wants to leave a comment all they have to do is click on that button, log in and begin leaving comments. Access is restricted via an approved list of usernames and passwords managed by the project admin.

My background is in a corporate environment and I can see this being useful here as much as for freelancers. Often I’m working with several internal customers, other teams that must come to consensus, and a management team that has to approve each project. This would centralize all of that communication and provide greater accountability for change requests.

I also agree with Mike Gunderloy from Web Worker Daily, this tool would take a leap forward by adding a page-level annotation tool.

Reading Taskee’s blog it looks like this will be a free product during beta with tiered paid options available in the future.

mobile devices Have you ever been surfing the web on a mobile device only to sink when a site loads an excessive number of images and heavy formatting? Many companies are catching on that they need a slimmed down, compact site that well load and navigate well while using a small screen. metaViper is committed to discovering those sites and creating a usable directory. Some sites make it an easy guess using the pseudo-standardized or, but many times using that convention will just bring up page not found errors.

Welcome to the metaViper Mobile Directory, available at If there’s a mobile site you frequent often let us know in the comments!

Have you ever needed to rename 100 files to include a numbered series? Or maybe edit a set of mp3s that include a bunch of junk text at the end or beginning of the file name?

Here’s a utility for you, 1-4a Rename is freeware and it’s a single executable that when launched provides a variety of ways to rename groups of files. It also includes an undo function. Here’s a small sample of what it can do:

  • Capitalize the beginning letter of each word, or make all letters upper case or lower case
  • Insert a set of text at the beginning of each file name
  • Add a set of numbers to the beginning or end of file names that increment or decrement
  • Replace a set of text with different text, or remove it completely (for example change “pol1″ to “policy1″
  • Shorten file names to 64 characters
  • Filter results to work with in a folder using wildcards * ?
  • Restrict changes to file name, extension, or whole name

The list goes on. This is a must have utility for anyone who works with a multitude of files.

That’s the question Browsershots will help answer. After entering a URL in the processing queue you’ll be able to see a series of screenshots taken while visiting your site with a variety of systems.

Click on the image below to see an enlarged version of the options available.

Click for a larger image.

It’s a great way to verify the code on your site works with a wide set of systems and browsers. Browsershots is still in Alpha though so don’t be surprised if features appear or disappear without notice.

At some point every business needs to gather information from its customers or employees by asking them to fill out a form. Whether it’s a sign-up form for benefits or a survey on the latest business expo, that information can be critical in making decisions that align with strategic goals.

But there’s a problem. The company that created Acrobat and the PDF standard, Adobe, restricts who is able to save form data when using the free Acrobat Reader. As a compromise, the 8.0 release of Acrobat Professional provides an option for allowing Acrobat Reader users to save form data. However, the terms of use restrict this functionality to 500 users. It’s unclear whether that means 500 users per license of Acrobat Professional or if that means a 500 person limit for each form created. Still, for smaller data gathering this is a good solution if you want to buy or upgrade to Acrobat Professional 8.

A free solution is to use PDFescape, a product by CTdeveloping. To use PDFescape (1) upload a PDF file, (2) insert their generated JavaScript code into your web page. They also offer a more powerful solution that enables features like adding hyperlinks, and installation on your own server.