Welcome to metaViper! We have two goals: (1) prowl the inter-web for what we think is the greatest content available, and (2) write original content about neocontemporary topics and solutions. When searching for information on the inter-web using traditional search engines, surfers are presented with a problem: how to determine which web sites and services are of high quality. While a primary focus for search engines is to do this automatically, their processes can miss the mark. Web sites riddled with search engine optimization (SEO) hacks and crosslink farms can pollute organic search results and frustrate surfers looking for real answers and solutions.

This creates an opportunity for metaViper. Our first purpose is to identify existing and upcoming sources on the inter-web that are of high quality and useful. Additionally, as we build expertise in a wide range of topics related to our hunt for human intelligence, metaViper’s second purpose is to generate its own high quality content in the form of articles and short posts related to neocontemporary topics on the inter-web.

Until machines are able to process and translate information as well as the human brain, the best way to find human intelligence is through human determination. metaViper, prowling for human intelligence on the web.

If you’d like to get in touch, send a note to matt@metaviper.com